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Hometown Pharmacy opened in Plover on September 16th 2019, and is staffed by former Shopko pharmacy employees. When Shopko closed, Plover was left very underserved by pharmacies. With a lot of help from Hometown Pharmacy, Kent opened his pharmacy. We are a full-service pharmacy with a focus on pro-active care. We offer the community free delivery, a knowledgeable staff, and the finest nutriceuticals and CBD products.

Hi, I’m Kent. In 1989 I received my Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have worked all around the state, and about 12 years ago my wife, Julie, and I settled in central Wisconsin. We have four adult children and a golden retriever, Lady. I enjoy spending my leisure time motorcycling, bicycling, and traveling. I became a partner at Hometown Pharmacy in 2019 and opened a location in Plover, WI. I am passionate about Hometown Pharmacy’s focus on pro-active health. If I can help my patients prevent disease and stay healthy, then I am a happy pharmacist.

– Kent Udulutch, RPh

Plover Hometown Pharmacy

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