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Sawyer Street Hometown Pharmacy has been a part of the Oshkosh Community since 2013. When not in the pharmacy you can find our pharmacists out and about giving presentations and leading discussions on various health and wellness topics affecting our community.

In addition to being a full service pharmacy we offer personalized health and wellness consultation services.

Hi I’m JJ. I’m a doctor of pharmacy and a certified sports nutritionist with a passion for helping clients create a healthier lifestyle to decrease the need for medications.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with optimizing health and performance. In high school, I was so infatuated with supplements I bought and tried nearly every product at GNC (to the detriment of my GI tract and long term health). 

After high school, I knew I wanted a more formal approach to human optimization so I decided to major in biomedical engineering. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I volunteered in a pharmacy and immediately fell in love. I started my journey in pharmacy school and was disheartened with how little time we spent on pro-active health. Although I was a doctor of pharmacy, I craved a better understanding of health. 

This partnership has given me the support I need to serve my patients’ medication needs, but I know there is so much more we can do to positively impact the health of our patients!

Oshkosh (Sawyer) Hometown Pharmacy

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