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Schultz Pharmacy has existed for over 55 years. Jeanne and Charles Schultz purchased Blumer Pharmacy from Harold Blumer in August of 1964. Harold had been involved in the pharmacy business since 1926. In 2016, Schultz Pharmacy partnered with Hometown Pharmacy so that we could continue to offer exceptional care to our patients.

Over 25 years ago, Schultz Pharmacy began introducing supplements to maintain and improve health, as well as prevent medication side effects and many patients have benefited. Today, the medical community as a whole also embraces preventative medicine.

Schultz Pharmacy has been an integral part of Monroe, always supporting the community. Through the years, many of our patients have also become our friends. We appreciate all their support. It has been an amazing journey watching families grow and now serving a fourth generation. We look forward to helping our patients maintain a healthy life for many years
to come. Schultz Hometown Pharmacy is happy to provide the personal service you cannot find at the big box store.

I went to pharmacy school at UW-Madison and graduated in 2013. After graduation Iworked for Walgreens for 9 years. My first year with Walgreens was as a floating pharmacist, then spent the next 8 at the Walgreens in Monroe, WI.

I chose to work in an independent pharmacy because I want to be able to spend more time with patients and help them achieve their health goals.

Raymond Siekert, Pharm D

Monroe (Schultz) Hometown Pharmacy

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