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Kewaskum, WI 53040

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Hometown Pharmacy established in Kewaskum in 2013, and has seen two pharmacy managers prior to Erin taking over in 2018. We have seen successful growth since opening, especially in the last two years.

Our pharmacy offers a complete and ample selection of professional-grade supplements as well as pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other products. It has been thrilling for Erin and her staff to get patients educated, excited, and empowered with the information needed to maximize their individual wellness using things other than prescription medications!

The ultimate goal for us here at Hometown is to meet all of your health care needs, including filling and education on prescription and non-prescription medications, professional-grade vitamins and supplements, immunizations, psychiatric appointments via tablet technology and long-acting injections (performed by the pharmacist), compounded medications, and hormone and bio-marker testing, with analysis and recommendations provided by Erin to the provider of the patient’s choice. If we cannot provide the service to you, we will find the best avenue for you to receive it!

Kewaskum Hometown Pharmacy

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