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Evansville has been fortunate to have had a pharmacy since the late 1800’s. It was Willis Evansville Pharmacy and then Evansville Family Health Pharmacy before becoming Evansville Hometown Pharmacy.

The pharmacy has always been a pillar in the Evansville community. Our store provides the community with access to important health products and prescriptions. We provide quick and easy prescription pick-up, especially for those unexpected medicine needs. Your questions and concerns will always be answered by our expert pharmacy technicians and pharmacist in a caring and knowledgeable manner.

We take pride in showcasing our gift department product through exquisite displays each and every day. During the holiday season we bring an extra added extravagance to our gift department that is widely known and enjoyed by our customers. With the assistance of the front-end friendly and helpful staff you will be able to find the perfect gift for your friend or family member.

Your local Hometown Pharmacy in Evansville considers everyone as family. We are here to meet your needs!

Hi, I’m Jenna Anderson, one of your pharmacists at Hometown Pharmacy in Evansville. I’m originally from New Glarus and attended pharmacy school at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. While in pharmacy school, I was able to work in Marshfield, La Crosse, and the Chicago area during her rotations. Whenever I could, I came home to work at a variety of Hometown locations including Evansville, Verona, and New Glarus. After working at several Hometown locations, I saw that my vision for patient care in the community matched those of Hometown Pharmacy.

During the summer months I enjoys playing golf, but enjoys reading, traveling, playing table tennis, and spending time with my dog year-round. I looks forward to getting to know the community! Stop in today!

Evansville Hometown Pharmacy

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