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Hometown pharmacy has been operating in Algoma, WI since October 23, 2017. Our present location has housed a pharmacy since 2002, and our roots go back beyond that. In addition to full pharmacy services, we offer bubble packing to help you manage your medications better. Our pharmacist has spoken to community groups about supplements and health topics and would be happy to schedule a talk for your group.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a graduate of Purdue University and have been a practicing pharmacist over 20 years. I have lived in Kewaunee since 1999. I love serving my neighbors at the pharmacy and knowing people by name, as well as meeting all the great visitors to our area in both Algoma and Kewaunee. I am here to help you learn more about staying healthy by getting the most value from your prescriptions, and teach about supplements like probiotics, CoQ10, and CBD. 

I have four children, 3 are adults and one is in high school. I enjoy camping at state parks, using the Anhapee State trail, knitting, and playing in the Algoma Community Band.

– Sarah Bartel, RPh

Algoma Hometown Pharmacy

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