Waist To Hip Body Composition

Measuring waist to hip ratio is a simple way to screen for elevated visceral fat and even metabolic syndrome. Even though BMI, Body Mass Index, is often used to assess health and body fat on a population level for each individual, this can be skewed due to elevated muscle mass and height differences. Even those with an excellent BMI score, which is between 18.5 and 24.9, could have little to no muscle mass. If you have an elevated waist to hip ratio, it allows us to personalize your lifestyle interventions. 

General Information

Studies have shown that waist to hip ratio is beneficially used as an early intervention for your health before glucose and blood pressure rise, and other problems show up. Research indicates that those with higher waist to hip ration have been found to have increased belly fat, inflammation, increased blood pressure, blood glucose, insulin and lipids. For those who have a higher waist to hip ratio, further education, diet, activity, stress management, and food and cooking knowledge are advised. To get further information on how to help lower your waist to hip ratio, please stop into your local Hometown Pharmacy where you can discuss options with your pharmacist who will be happy to help in any and every way they can! 

Waist To Hip Ratio

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