Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Living in Wisconsin could mean your levels are lower than ideal. Don’t guess—ensure you’re taking the right amount with our precise Vitamin D testing. We provide personalized supplement recommendations based on your unique results, helping you support your immune system, bone and muscle health, energy levels, mood, and more. 

Boost your overall well-being and effectively manage weight, pain, and the risk of certain conditions. Trust us to tailor your Vitamin D intake perfectly to your body’s needs.

General Information

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that supports our overall health, yet many people in the United States are deficient! It is necessary for building and maintaining healthy bones. This is a result of calcium, the primary component of bone, that can only be absorbed by your body when there is vitamin D present. 

The recommended level for Vitamin D is between 50-80ml. Unfortunately, especially in the midwest, it is difficult to produce enough Vitamin D to maintain a healthy level.

Deficiency and insufficiency of vitamin D has reached epidemic proportions around the world! While it’s been assumed that the majority of the population achieves adequate levels of vitamin D through exposure to the sun and being outside, the biosynthesis of this important nutrient is affected by time of day, the season, location, smog or pollution, clothing, and sunscreen. In addition, those with darker skin require more exposure to the sun to attain adequate levels. These factors all contribute to us not getting nearly enough vitamin D. It takes about 48 hours for vitamin D to be absorbed from the skin into the body, and washing the skin during that time period can interfere with absorption into the blood! Inadequate intake or levels of cholesterol can also inhibit the proper production of the nutrient as well.

There are many ways to increase your vitamin D intake. Being exposed to the sun on a regular basis, of course, is one way to increase vitamin D in your body, but focusing on including more foods like salmon, sardines, cod, liver, oil, tuna, eggs, mushrooms, grass-fed cow’s milk, and other similar products are also great sources of vitamin D. If you are unable to get enough from food, Hometown Pharmacy provides and recommends a supplement by OrthoMolecular called Vitamin D 1000 IU.

Vitamin D Levels

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